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Josh Owen Menorah

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Created by award-winning designer Josh Owen, this menorah is both elegant and functional. It has an incorporated plate which catches the drippings from the Hanukkah candles and provides a safe resting place for the match. It is made of solid cast iron and thus has some real heft, giving it a sense of solidity and self-worth, like a trusted tool found on a family farm. And like that trusted tool, it will continue to look even more beautiful as it ages and acquires a patina from use. We aren’t the only ones who are impressed. The menorah was recently added to the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art.

Cast Iron

11" x 11" 3.5"

Is it Hanukkah or Chanukah?

Both! The name of the holiday is transliterated from Hebrew letters to the Roman alphabet, so the English is a phonetic representation and any spelling is equally correct. Spertus uses Hanukkah (used by Encyclopedia Judaica and many English dictionaries) but if you prefer Chanukkah or Chanuka or Hanuka or even Khanukkah, be our guest.

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