Veruca Chocolate Gelt


Finally, Gelt for Grown-ups. Veruca Chocolates Hanukkah gelt is crafted by hand from the finest ingredients. Leave the foil-wrapped variety for the dreidel games and savor these with friends and family who appreciate the difference. It's the perfect gift for the holidays!   They are CRC-Dairy, making them the perfect ending to your latke with sour cream meal.

 Available in three flavors:

Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate and Cacoa Nibs

Is it Hanukkah or Chanukah?

Both! The name of the holiday is transliterated from Hebrew letters to the Roman alphabet, so the English is a phonetic representation and any spelling is equally correct. Spertus uses Hanukkah (used by Encyclopedia Judaica and many English dictionaries) but if you prefer Chanukkah or Chanuka or Hanuka or even Khanukkah, be our guest.

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